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Agencia EFE is a member of the top international associations of news and media agencies. EFE actively participates in them to share experiences, knowledge, develop projects and promote its vision of the most rigorous journalism and the role of the public media in serving the information needs of society.

In 2021, EFE played a key role in seven international forums of communication agencies and media in which it asserted cooperation between companies in the sector, the promotion of the values of journalism and the search for improvements in structures, services and operation of the media.

  • World Media Summit (online and face-to-face meeting). Beijing, November 22. View more

    Gabriela Cañas spoke on November 22 at the fourth edition of the World Media Summit, organized by the Chinese state news agency Xinhua to celebrate the agency’s 90th anniversary. She endorsed "media literacy" for young people so that they learn to distinguish truthful information from the deceptions that are fed from social networks and that seek disaffection towards media that generate news in a rigorous manner.

    She also called for a fight against the "tyranny of the algorithm" so that it is not the big technology companies "that economically exploit" journalistic content. She also highlighted the work of public news agencies and EFE's commitment to the highest quality and the search for truth in the preparation and verification of news. Regarding Ibero-America, she recalled that EFE considers it its natural space and has been working for many years to give visibility to the Spanish-speaking world.

    The World Media Summit (WMS) brought together officials from the world's largest news agencies, including The Associated Press, Reuters, France Presse and TASS, as well as numerous international media. The WMS was established in 2009 by Xinhua and nine global news organizations, including major Western agencies, the BBC, News Corporation and Japan's Kyodo agency. It held its previous plenaries in Moscow (2012) and Doha (2016).

  • Inter-American Press Association (IAPA). 77th General Assembly (online). Miami, from October 19 to 22. View more

    EFE’s president spoke at the opening of the 77th IAPA Assembly together with the Nicaraguan writer and Cervantes Prize winner, Sergio Ramírez, and the president of IAPA, which brings together 1.300 media outlets from the Americas, Jorge Canahuati.

    Gabriela Cañas also participated in one of the panels of the Assembly, dedicated to the role of women in the media, together with Maribel Pérez Wadsworth, director of the USA Today newspaper and the information division of the Gannet group, the largest publisher of newspapers in the United States. Also in the debate were Inés Aizpún, director of the Dominican newspaper Diario Libre; Ivette Chicas, director of The Associated Press; and Susana Mitchell, director of the Latin American Council for Accreditation of Education in Journalism (CLAEP).

  • European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA). General Assembly. Vienna, October 6-8. Extraordinary meetings in April and May (online). View more

    At the General Assembly of EANA, the president of EFE recalled the dangers that hover over Afghan women, particularly those who have worked as journalists. In a telematic address she urged the media not to lower their guard in support and defense of those who see their lives threatened every day. "We Western women journalists, and especially those of us who run media outlets, cannot look the other way," she stressed.

    Cañas also spoke about EFE's experience in promoting gender equality to the presidents and directors of the 32 European agencies that make up EANA.

  • MINDS International. General Assembly. Oslo, October 14 and 15. Frankfurt, April 19 to 23 (online). View more

    The MINDS International global network of leading news agencies held its two annual meetings, in person and online, with the participation of EFE, which will host a MINDS meeting in 2023, the 34th since it was founded in 2006.

    MINDS brings together 22 news agencies from around the world that are the leaders in their countries, including the main ones in the West, which through this global network develop and share knowledge and experiences on the information business, the media and their digital development.

  • World Council of News Agencies. London, September 9, 2021. View more

    EFE also participated in the meetings of the News Agencies World Council (NACO), in preparation for the 7th News Agencies World Congress (NAWC) to be held in Morocco at the end of November 2022.

    NACO is the permanent entity that organizes the NAWC every three years. It held its first meeting in 2004 in Moscow with the aim of facilitating the cooperation and operation of news agencies, reinforcing impartial information and supporting the principles of freedom of information. Since then, six editions of this global forum have been held.

  • Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN). General Assembly (online), August 3. View more

    The Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN) held its 2021 General Assembly electronically due to pandemic travel limitations. This transcontinental organization, created in Istanbul in 1992, brings together 19 agencies from the Mediterranean basin, including EFE.

    It is one of the few media organizations constituted around the same and limited geographical space in which different countries and cultures convene. The national and international agencies that make it up collaborate with each other to stimulate information flows and cooperation between the two shores of the Mare Nostrum.

  • European Press Office (ENR). July and August (online) View more

    The EU Newsroom project brings together EFE and fifteen other European news agencies to have a common newsroom space and content production services in Brussels. The goal is to facilitate collaboration between the media, access to sources and coverage, and the dissemination of European Union nformation among citizens. The program, which has the support of the European Commission, was developed in 2021 and will be operational in 2022.

The president of EFE represented the agency at the first three conferences.

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