Letter from the President

Letter from the President

Adapting to the new times has marked Agencia EFE’s progress in 2021. Covid and its effects on the financial results of our clients and the company itself continued to punish the agency, but taking advantage of a crisis is the best way to face the future.

Establishing a stable remote work system was not only a necessity but also a method that is transforming our workspaces and positively impacting the mobility of cities. The agency reached an important agreement in this regard with union representatives and began negotiations for the renewal of its collective bargaining agreement to implement its Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan, which is expected to be approved in 2022, suffered significant delays that the agency has nevertheless taken advantage of to warm up its engines. EFEComunica, the major part of the plan for growth, has had a successful launch that only bodes well for the future. Its expansion into Latin America has already begun, as well as that of EFEVerifica, a key tool to keep EFE at the top of global news agencies.

Thanks to the work done in 2021, Agencia EFE is ready for takeoff. The company has begun merging Photography, Video and Radio into the single Audiovisual department, another important project of the Strategic Plan, it has consolidated its sales network in Latin America, and has launched major digitization projects.

The talent of its professionals is, however, the best guarantee of success. EFE has prioritized the need to continue building for workers a stable framework that is open to the new profiles required by a leading information and communication company.

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