In its struggle against disinformation, in 2022 EFE Verifica, fake news verification unit, faced a milestone of special importance with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The war intensified war propaganda and the dissemination of false information. It caused concern of society aggravated by the threat of the use of nuclear weapons. In the face of this challenge EFE's verification service redoubled efforts to rigorously disprove and put in context the stream of misleading claims and images that circulated in social networks, media and international forums.

Other issues that were the Agency's verification work focus were the COVID pandemic, elections held in several Latin American countries, climate change denials and issues surrounding the Soccer World Cup held in Qatar.

EFE Verifica consolidated growth with the expansion of its service to Latin America, where Mexico became one of the major axes of its activity. This resulted in the strengthening of the EFE Verifica citizen consultation channel on WhatsApp, an initiative endorsed by the International Verification Network (IFCN) and Meta, which awarded this project in an international call for grants to combat disinformation.

EFE Verifica collaborated in the book "La lucha contra las campañas de desinformación en el ámbito de la seguridad nacional: propuestas de la sociedad civil" ("The struggle against disinformation campaigns over national security: proposals from civil society"), a cooperation initiative promoted by Spain´s Department of National Security (DSN) at the request of the European Union. This research project resulted in the constitution of a forum to fight disinformation campaigns. EFE Verifica is one of its members.

The exchange of information and knowledge with other fact-checkers and university researchers guided EFE Verifica´s work in the European observatories IBERIFIER and EDMO. Also in the creation of the new continental network EFCSN. It participated too, in the Global Fact 9 verification summit, held in Oslo.

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