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EFE is a public company committed to employment stability (in Spain 96% of contracts are permanent and almost all are full-time). The agency promotes a quality work environment and fosters the personal and professional development of its team, favoring the reconciliation of professional and personal life.

People are the main asset of the company, the world's leading Spanish-language news agency with a great multicultural and generational diversity, with professionals of 60 different nationalities who add value to our news service. Our people around the world represent a third of the workforce.

EFE has as a strategic objective in the coming years to continue and promote the important plan for the renewal of professional profiles of its human team, a renewal initiated in 2022 with the agreement signed in March with the legal representation of the workers, after an intense and fruitful process of negotiation and social dialogue. This objective will allow the incorporation of professionals with the technological competences and multimedia skills demanded by the media and information and communication agencies sector through public selective processes which, abiding by the principle of equality, allow the best talent to be identified through the evaluation of their merits and abilities.

In terms of gender equality, EFE has a II Equality Plan, signed in 2019 with the legal representation of the workers, which is subject to adaptation to regulatory changes and to the realization of a new diagnosis with the information of the updated human team and the remuneration audit, with the consequent revision of the action plan.

In EFE´s work force women represent 44% close to parity, in a sector of activity in which the presence of the male gender is significantly higher. With regard to positions of responsibility, EFE continues to make progress towards parity, 56% of EFE's delegate positions abroad were held by women and in the national delegations women represent 40%, in the case of management positions in the central services of the corporate headquarters it is 43%. By functional areas within the company there is a deficit of female employment in Technology (13%), General Services (25%) and Sports (16%), on the contrary, in other functional areas there is a higher representation, specifically in National (60%), Documentation (67%) and Economy (62%).

The work of the Efeminista department, EFE's style book, the training in Equality and the exemplary collaboration of the human team also imprint on the Agency a way of acting and working that favors equality policies and the denouncement of what negatively affects the female gender in all areas.


Hiring by EFE, in 2022, under the Public Sector Hiring Law 9/2017, of November 8 (hereinafter LCSP), summed 6,421,199. 89 euros corresponding to 325 contracts.

Of the 325 contracts awarded during 2022, 11 of them were contracts subject to harmonized regulation (SARA), amounting to 2,878,550.20, while the remaining 314 contracts, not subject to harmonized regulation, were awarded for an amount of 3,542,649.69


The process of unifying the usage of cellphones has been completed, allowing greater flexibility.

A Global Corporate Directory has been implemented in the companies cellphones allowing access to all corporate telephones in a speedy way.


Our news desks in Asunción, Bogotá and Cairo have been restructured to adapt these offices and work areas to the needs of EFE.


Information campaigns on risks have been carried out for new employees.

Information on action protocols and safety and prevention measures against COVID 19 were provided to all workers.

Finally, the "Audit of the Prevention Management System" has been carried out with improving prevention management.

Also Emergency Plans have been updated in 6 work centers. The process for carrying out the psychosocial evaluation has begun as well.

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