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2022 was a year of great projection for EFE´s School of Journalism. It began activities in Latin America; new facilities were inaugurated at the Agency's headquarters; its program with Fundación "la Caixa" -considered one of the best in Spain- was improved and renewed and the European Parliament granted EFE and RTVE a prograrm of training courses for young journalists.

This school was launched in Latin America through an agreement signed in April in Colombia by EFE president, Gabriela Cañas, the Universidad del Norte (Uninorte) and the Gabo Foundation.The agreement sealed a strategic alliance to provide training and incentives for students, teachers and people interested in practicing journalism in Colombia and Latin America. This school started activities in America in July, with a workshop on International Journalism. It took place in Barranquilla, headquarters of Uninorte. It was followed by other workshops delivered by EFE journalists. The first EFE America scholarships were also announced. They will provide annual training to three students at the Agency's offices in Bogotá.

The Master's Degree in Agency Journalism, taught by EFE and the Carlos III University of Madrid, has a new editorial classroom at the School, which also hosts other training programs such as the European Parliament courses for young journalists. This program was awarded to EFE´s School, and the RTVE Institute for a period of four years, which from 2023 will increase to a hundred the number of students trained in the school's programs.

Both the Master's Degree in News Agency Journalism and the Master's Degree in Transmedia Journalism, that EFE teaches together with the online University UNED, has renewed its syllabus and added new subjects such as news verification and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These courses have been promoted through EFE´s social media. Also, the School's website has been renewed and expanded with new contents, including podcasts produced by the students.

In June EFE and "la Caixa" Foundation renewed, for two editions, the best journalism scholarship program in Spain. The scholarships will increase from ten to twelve as of the 2023-24 edition and the scholarship fund will also be increased. The decisions were endorsed by the president of the "la Caixa" Foundation, Isidro Fainé, and were strongly supported by their Communication team. Both worked together with the School and the EFE news desk in Catalonia to relaunch this training program, which has benefited 310 students in its first seventeen editions.

In 2022 EFE renewed several agreements it keeps with numerous organizations to finance its training programs (Signus, WWF, Ecoembes, SIGRE, Fundación Sando). Also a number of projects were created, such as the Environmental Journalism scholarships promoted together with the Association of Environmental Information Journalists (APIA) and ORIVA (Interprofesional del Aceite de Orujo de Oliva). EFE provided training, through its School, to around one hundred youngsters in the world.

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