“Environmental, Social Equity and Corporate Governance”

Energy efficiency goal: measures implemented in 2022

At EFE we are committed to the development of measures to improve environmental conditions. One of them is the implementation of energy saving and efficiency measures. The following steps have been taken in our facilities to promote energy savings:

Motor vehicles

In 2022 we have continued to promote the use of hybrid cars, achieving reduction of CO2.

Temperature control

At EFE's headquarters temperature has been adjusted so that in winter it does not exceed 19º C. In summer it is below 27º C.

Space reduction

In EFE's headquarters, several floors have been closed, relocating the personnel assigned to them to other floors. This contributes to a lower consumption of electricity.

The construction work for the implementation of the Information Coordination Unit on floors 1 and 2 of the central headquarters was completed, rearranging spaces and reducing them.

Restructuring works have been carried out in the Asunción, Bogotá and Cairo delegations in order to adapt the workstations and work areas to the needs of Agencia EFE, aimed at innovation, cultural transformation and efficient use of space and resources.

LED Bulbs

The policy of replacing LED luminaires has continued.

Staff selection processes

For staff selection, an online evaluation platform is being used. It allows monitoring of the candidates through "proctoring". This avoids the need for candidates out of Spain to travel to complete the selection process, thus reducing air transportation.

The entire selection process is carried out through this digital platform, establishing a "zero paper" policy.

Waste management

EFE continues to manage waste disposal by encouraging the separation and recycling of waste. For this purpose it has installed specific containers. For the treatment and destruction of waste, it has contracted a company.


The policy of promoting the use of trains instead of air travel has been continued.

Online training

EFE continues to encourage its employees to take online training, thus avoiding the need for employees to travel from their residence to the training facilities. As a result the use of transportation has been reduced and a lower generation of gases has been accomplished.

Online platforms

We encourage the use of different online platforms allowing storage, processing and management of documents, thus contributing to a "zero paper" policy.

On/off lighting times for the facilities

EFE main offices have established on and off lighting schedules. Illumination in basements and common areas has been reduced.

Remote work and energy efficiency

The implementation of telecommuting as a health safety measure against COVID translated into the reduction of the energy impact of commuting to the workplace. It also allowed the reduction of building space (closing of floors) and energy consumption (lighting, air conditioning and equipment).

Control of exterior lighting

Exterior lighting at the entrance and façades has been minimized.

Procurement measures

Indications have been prescribed to positively value those suppliers that presented the best energy labels in the bidding documents.

Sustainable mobility measures

Bicycle parking spaces have been set up to promote their use.


The process of convergence of fixed and mobile telephony has been completed, allowing greater flexibility in the workplace. A Global Corporate Directory has been implemented allowing us to access all corporate telephones worldwide in an agile manner.

Carbon footprint

The study on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is currently being finalized for inclusion in the carbon footprint registry of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge.

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