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The invasion of Ukraine and new attacks against press freedom (mainly in Russia and Nicaragua) underline the news year of EFE, the leading Spanish speaking language news agency and, undoubtedly, the most influential in Ibero-America.

But competition has been tough and our news agency has continued to transform itself and adapt to the new requirements of its clients and continue to be one of the world top news information outlets.

An internal team has designed a new logo and our corporate image on the web. The agency completed its audiovisual integration process and created a digital content department to coordinate all our presence online. For the first time, every and each one of our journalists has been given laptops and cellphones to set up their "office" almost anywhere. Also the structure in America has been designed with two business directors and a news desk in Bogota, EFE's second most important news hub after Madrid, headed by one of the most veteran journalists of the agency.

The renewal of staff with digital experience in EFE continued at a good pace thanks to the Spanish government's commitment to maintaining employment which has also made it possible to fully replace more than 100% of the employees who opted for retirement from the agency after years of effort and compromise.

The reduction of revenues in our area over the last years has reached an end in EFE despite the economic difficulties faced by our main clients (the media).

EFE continues to prepare for the future and implement major growth decisions envisaged in the Strategic Plan.

New technological tools will help EFE in the near future. Today the Agency continues to be an example of a company capable of offering quality employment to professionals who excel in offering the best information, anywhere in the world.

Gabriela Cañas.

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